Structural Analysis and Design
Structural Calculation Reports
Structural Peer Review Reports
Structural Inspections and reports
Renovation and Addition Plans
Footing and Foundation Designs
Design of earth Retaining Walls
Structural Failure Investigations
Forensic Engineering Expert Witness
Historical Buildings Restorations
Temporary Shoring and Bracing
Structural Jacking/Lifting System
Wind and Seismic Loads Analysis

Scaffolding and Work Platform
Underpinning and Sheet Piles
Design of Curtain Walls System
Design of Storefront System
Design of Stone Cladding Anchors
General Contractor submittals
Shop and Fabrication Drawings
Demolition Plans and Methods
Bridge Inspections and Reports
Bridges Rehabilitation and Repairs
Retrofitting of Existing Bridges
construction support services
Construction Field Inspections
Site Improvement Design Plans
Site Grading and Drainage Plans
Soil Erosion and Sediment Control
Drainage and Hydraulic Calculations
Storm management Design Reports
Soil Investigations and Testing reports
Soil Improvements Design plans
Excavation and SOE Design Plans
NYC local laws Inspections
NYC DOB filing and approval
NYC DOB Violations removal
3D Modeling with BIM and CAD